How long has it been since you entered someone’s home and been completely wowed by what you see? It’s likely that a good part of your overall impression came from the right draperies or window treatments. Your Crystal Lake, IL windows might need similar attention. But how can you really add the wow factor?

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Window Treatments – Scale & Proportion Are Key

The most common mistake that homeowners make when doing their windows is getting the proportions wrong: a valance or cornice that’s too small, draperies that don’t stack off the windows and cover up too much of the view, or skimpy side panels made with too few widths of fabric.

These little design flaws make all the difference in the finished appearance of the windows and the room.draperies

Getting proportions right takes a good eye and a lot of experience. One size does not fit all, so it can pay to have window treatments created specifically for the windows in your home. Custom furnishings are often as cost-effective as fancier ready-mades, and can represent a great value.

Draperies – Form vs. Function

This has a lot to do with the design and proportion of a window treatment. Does it need to clear French doors? Protect from hot afternoon glare? Provide privacy? Enable viewing of the TV or computer screens? Understanding what the room requires will help create the appropriate design solution.

A room that requires privacy will need blackout shades or interlined fabric panels, wood blinds, woven wood shades, or cellular shades to provide functionality.

A second layer with soft fabrics and pleasing color accents adds an inviting decorative element. A more formal room might benefit from a third layer in the form of a valance, cornice board, or other top treatment.

The different elements of a window treatment or room should be in harmony.

Finding the perfect window treatment for your home is all in the details. Using the right materials, determining the proper scale & proportion, and addressing both the functional and decorative concerns will help make your home more comfortable, stylish, and showcase your own distinctive expression.

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Mueller Interiors provides expert design, fabricating, and installation of all window treatments. Custom draperies are one of the most important parts of home decorating. No room is complete without window treatments. Mueller Interiors’ staff continually updates styles, fabrics, trims, and decorative hardware to offer you the finest draperies for any room.

Because of our consummate skills in the Mueller Interiors workroom, you’ll always receive the highest quality in tailoring, fullness, and details. Combine this with some of the finest fabrics and trims available, and you have drapery treatments that “make your house a home.”

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