Reupholstery ( upholstery ) is an art that gives a tired old piece of furniture a new life. When a quality chair, sofa, or any other piece of furniture is outdated or worn it can be refurbished by matching up-to-date fabrics and styles with the structural quality of yesteryear. Why pay for a cheaply-made replacement when you have the option of furniture reupholstery for your Crystal Lake, IL home.

Reupholstery: The Process of upholstery

The master upholsterer will examine your furniture to evaluate if it can be reincarnated into a new treasure for you to enjoy. This process includes checking the frame structure, evaluating cushion and pillow condition, and examining the spring system.

Once this is done, the next step is to consult the upholsterer or decorator as to the intended use of the furniture. Client lifestyle intended location of the piece, fabric wearability requirements, and—of course—the client’s personal desires will guide the choice of fabric for the furniture piece.

Reupholstery: Stage by Stage

When a piece of furniture is truly reupholstered it goes through many stages:

Stage 1: 

The item is fully torn down and all the original fabric is removed. The frame is repaired where needed.

Stage 2:

 Next, the springs are rewebbed & retied (hand tied 8 ways). This provides comfort & durability for years to come. The body of the furniture piece is rewebbed & padded to better than original new condition.

Stage 3: 

The item is then upholstered with high-quality fabric or genuine leather, always with meticulous attention to detail. The fabric is matched with a flowing of the pattern, and plaids match 4 ways.

Stage 4: 

Finally, the cushions and pillows are reconstructed for superior durability and a luxurious feel. This process takes a very high level of skills that only a true master upholsterer can deliver.

Now that the furniture is truly reupholstered (not just recovered) it can be valued and treasured for what it truly is: a handmade, functional piece of art and a purposely-executed decorative element. Additionally, it’s actually affordable.

Reupholstery: Virtual Quote

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